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Before you start, please scroll read through all the Terms and Conditions to proceed
Please click the "Agree and continue" button below if you have read and understood above terms and conditions
I have read, understood and accepted the above product key fact sheet and terms and conditions, and make the following declarations:
1)I agree that the required information will be saved by BOCHK for the purpose of following up and completing the application once I click the "Continue" button. I also agree that the application will be followed up by BOCHK via mobile phone and email address.
2)If I am an existing customer of the Card Company and/or BOCHK, except for the updated information provided in this application, I agree that the Card Company will provide and disclose my personal information in its record to BOCHK for the purpose of this loan application, and/or agree to use my personal information in BOCHK record for the purpose of this loan application (including but not limited to the pre-filled fields in this application and my identity document information with the Card Company and/or BOCHK). I hereby declare that such information is true and up-to-date.
3)I agree that if there is discrepancy between the designated information of this application (including the fields marked with *, date of birth, gender and whether a Hong Kong Permanent Resident) and the record held by BOCHK, BOCHK’s and/or the Card Company’s record will be updated accordingly after loan disbursement; other information (including all addresses and telephone numbers) will only be used for the purpose of this loan application and relevant communication in the future. I shall login to Internet Banking (if applicable) or visit any one of BOCHK branches if I would like to update my information in the record held by BOCHK.
4)I hereby confirm that my residential address and permanent address to be declared by myself in this application are the same and are address in Hong Kong (not P.O. Box and hotel address), true and up-to-date.
5)I have read and understood the content of "Risk Disclosure of Investment as Loan Purpose" mentioned in Remarks of BOC Express Cash Instalment Loan / Balance Transfer.
6)I understand that after the loan application is approved, BOCHK can arrange the customer to confirm the loan through Internet Banking or Mobile Banking or such other means as determined by BOCHK. If I do not agree to this arrangement, I will contact BOC Express Cash customer service hotline: 2108 3611 for enquiry.
7)I hereby confirm that the income I declared in the application field "Monthly Salary (HK$)" of this application is paid in Hong Kong dollars, and is true and up-to-date.
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